Rutgers 50

Concept, Campaign, Responsive Design & Development

Rutgers is a foundation that is committed to, among other things, sex education around the world. In 2017, it celebrated its 50th anniversary and we were asked to launch the campaign’s website.

  • Customer Rutgers
  • Year 2017
  • Services Concept, Campaign, Responsive Design & Development
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50 years of Rutgers

Based on a solid concept, we put the emphasis on the five most important themes in Rutgers’ work. By seeking the right balance between text and image, we not only made the website more visually attractive, but also very accessible. That’s something which is very important to Rutgers as they seek to reach a broader audience.

When designing the website, we focused on the important interplay between the film material delivered by Arteffects and the website’s design. Together they play a critical role in ensuring that Rutgers’ message will be communicated in an engaging and clear way.

Rutgers 50