Alliander – Tech Day

Concept, 3D, Motion Identity, Video Content, Live Keying, Webdesign & Development

Let's go digital. Alliander did it. Together with us. Their annual Tech Day became Digital TD. The network operator and all visitors felt right at home on our Event Platform.

  • Customer Alliander
  • Year 2021
  • Services Concept, 3D, Motion Identity, Video Content, Live Keying, Webdesign & Development

The line between online and offline is paper thin. With an event platform it fades away completely. And that is exactly the experience you want as a visitor and as an organizer of an online multimedia event. That’s also what the digital and event managers of network operator Alliander thought. So they knocked on our door for an interactive live edition of their Tech Day. Great idea, great online location, great day!

New times call for new solutions. So we made it: a virtual event platform. Or call it an online Ahoy. Or a digital theatre. Or 3D convention center. The event platform scales and moves with every event. Also Alliander’s.

We have been organizing Allianders TD for years; a combination of physical encounters and multimedia inspiration. This year we moved the staff day to our online event location. The employees walked from the virtual lobby to the digital marketplace, from speaker to session, from interactive quiz – The Smartest Technician – to networking moment.

More than 700 Alliander employees:

  • watched the pre-sent teaser
  • registered well in advance
  • put together their own day program
  • saw the live broadcast from the greenscreen studio
  • participated in the quiz via Kahoot
  • got a lunch delivered on the day
  • were able to watch the event 2 weeks back via client-Flix

Digital, multimedia and limitless

The event platform is like a physical location but online. In 3D and with limitless digital possibilities. Walk around it, through it and across it. Click on the lobby for a chat. Open the plenary room for a live stream or video lecture. Check the day program, organize it the way you want. Connect with colleagues or with the chatbot. Real-time, live and interactive. Everything. The venue is an online platform to inform and inspire, connect and bind your employees, customers, relations or students. Moreover, it is a multimedia addition to your brand’s content mix. An innovative tool for event managers and online marketers.

Presentations and programs, masterclasses and digital classrooms, pre-recorded and live TV shows and even your own TV channel with its own programming during your event. It’s possible and fits in our event platform.

This event platform is a total package – as total as you want it to be. It’s tailor-made to your event. We’re also a one-stop-shop: we provide all the desired content and necessary technology. From concept to design, from production to recording and editing, from planning to coordination. The whole shebang.

  • (3D) animations and (2D) presentation
  • video content and live streams
  • sound design and music productions
  • formats for content and TV shows
  • studio with green screen (Chroma key)
  • communication before, during and after event
  • statistics during and performance report after event
  • and more. much more.

Is tomorrow’s event on the calendar for you? Just like Alliander, you should knock on our door.

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