How we work


Listening leads us to the heart of the challenge facing us. From there we develop a concept that matches your requirements and possibilities. All our work is carefully tailored to the end solution, but everything involves a healthy dose of creativity and boldness, enabling us to craft some very surprising and interactive solutions.

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Test phase
  • Delivery and after-care

The first step in our process is to create a concept. However, we don’t do this until we are sure that we have properly understood what it is you want to achieve. We look at the core values and, in particular, at the target group. We research the people who make up the target group; what they do, the places they visit, and the things that motivate them. Then, once we fully understand who you are, who your target group is, and what you want to achieve, we start developing a concept.

After developing the concept, we start bringing the ideas to life. Design and development often go hand in hand and revolve around having great content that will have an impact on your visitors. We will therefore help you with collecting or developing this content.

Frequent testing of the early versions of a website or app is vital. Here we keep you regularly up to date with the development progress and we also schedule feedback sessions with you. Furthermore, we use these testing phases to publish actual content so you can see your website or app taking shape.

Totally satisfied? Then it’s time to go live! Your website or app will now be launched for everyone to see.

But we will also be there for you after the launch. For example, you may have some questions about updating your content or you might want to make some changes. Perhaps you would like to leave the updating of your website or app entirely up to us? Surely that’s no problem!